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In this local multiplayer, castle defence, 2D platformer game, players can run, jump, attack and kill enemies, gather their meats and sacrifice their meats to the shrines. Demons and angels come from both sides of the screen as waves.   There is a princess in the middle that you have to protect from all harm. You can run towards to the monsters and try to kill them or you can bring your meats  that you collected   to a shrine to sacrifice to the gods .   Every shrine creates an effect     in the game. By sacrificing, you can give damage to monsters, slow them or make yourself stronger for a duration.    If you bring more   meats to a shrine, related effect will last longer. You will have to adapt to the situation  constantly.


A, D (Player One), Left and Right Arrows (Player Two) ->  Movement
W (Player One),  Up Arrow (Player Two) - Jump
F (Player One),   Numpad 1 (Player Two) - Attack
G (Player One), Numpad 2 (Player Two) -  Gather Meat
H (Player One), Numpad 3 (Player Two) - Throw Meat
F5 - Restart
F11 - Toggle Fullscreen
Mouse Left Click(Developer mode) - Teleport

We created this game in FrostJam #2 which is a 48 hours game jam organized by ITU Game Design and Development Club. Unfortunately, we didn't know Unity much as programmers, one of our programmers actually used Unity for the first time. Therefore, we couldn't implement the mechanics and level design as we planned.

Gökcan Kırca - Programmer
Görkem Küpeli - Programmer
Bora İnce - Game Artist
Öge Yarkın Kobakçı - Game Artist


Sorry Mario, Princess IS The Castle! (FrostJam #2).rar 35 MB

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